My rates are non-negotiable.

  • 1 hour – £150 in/£160 out
  • 2 hours – £200 in/£220 out
  • And so on… I can often eliminate the extra £10 per add hour if my return journey is off peak and within London
  • For areas immediately outside of London, 1 hour is £200 and 2 hours £250, etc as explained…

For the purpose of a travel calculation, if Bristol is 2 hours away, 1 hour would be £300 and 2 hours would be £350. If Milton Keynes is 1 hour away, 1 hour would be £200 and 2 hours would be £250.

Please remember the deposit (if you are outside of London or have an unusual request). Self-respect is an important part of what you are buying into, so then it should be no surprise that I would not put myself at risk to appease a person’s fantasies. I have PayPal and BACS for faster payments, and provide full details of my legal entity and documentation when required by the customer.